Pakharenko and Partners are among TOP-50 Ukrainian law firms and named the Practice Leaders in IP!

Pakharenko and Partners has confirmed its top positions also in 2017 as showed by the results of the ranking research published by The Yurydychna Gazeta (The Legal Newspaper). Namely, due to the well-coordinated work of its professional team the company managed to confirm its top position in the nomination “Practice Leaders 2017” in the field “Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights Protection” and hold a 25-th place in the ranking “Market Leaders: TOP-50 of the Ukrainian Law Firms”.

The research is being conducted for the second year and during the research process the editorial team of the Legal Practice Journal is using the following indices as a nominee’s revenue and the results of the ranking “Practice Leaders”. This year’s research covered not only undisputed leaders, but also the market as a whole, since it included all the companies that filled out the questionnaire. The reputation component for the evaluation was obtained based on a survey among the peer companies in the market. The additional criterion for rating was also the position of companies in the authoritative international ratings.

Furthermore, the publication “Market Leaders: Ranking of the Ukrainian Law Firms 2017” features an article by Alexander Pakharenko titled “Let’s Protect the Consumers, State and Producers. Let’s Say “No” to Counterfeits” highlighting one of the aspects of the company’s activities.  

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