Retail networks and IP

 Legal FMCG & Retail  – one of the new industry forums of the Legal Practice Magazine – will be held on March 22, 2017 in Premier Palace Hotel in Kyiv (5-7/29 T.Shevchenla Ave./Pushkinska Str, Kyiv). The program and registration details may be viewed here

Veronika Berezanska, public projects coordinator at Pakharenko and Partners and the Head of the Commission on Intellectual Property and Unfair Competition of ICC Ukraine, will be the moderating the “Intellectual Property” section of the forum. In a short interview about the event she noted:

“Competition in the FMCG market remains consistently intense, but the market players respond to competition challenges differently.

In order to maintain their leading positions, and striving to meet the demands of the “millennium generation” preferring authenticity and quality, the well-known manufacturers are using the individualized branding and localism.

Market outsiders and newcomers take other approaches. Trying to gain fast profits without enough investments or not willing to invest in creation and launching new products on the market they are watching the leaders very attentively. As a result, in retail trade outlets there appear lookalikes and counterfeits of famous brands at much lower price which is attractive to consumers.

During our discussion dedicated to the IP issues, we will particularly cover the means used by world’s famous brands to protect their investments and leading positions, to fight parasitic and counterfeit goods”.

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