Prosecution and enforcement of intellectual property rights

Intellectual property

Since our establishment we have endeavoured to be at the forefront of the development of the Ukrainian IP regime and to create and improve intellectual property legislation. We remain dedicated to the principle of developing an effective IP system which will allow businesses from all over the world to reap the rewards of their intellectual property assets. We have assisted in the drafting of intellectual property legislation and now continue to act as advisors to a range of governmental agencies.

Being at the heart of both domestic and international intellectual property regime developments strengthens our ability to keep our clients continuously updated regarding any changes which may affect their intellectual property rights.

Our clients come to us for more than just a legal advice in the IP field. We are committed to sharing our access to an extensive legal knowledge and valuable business contacts with our clients. We will mentor them from the early stages of creating an innovative product through securing their IP rights and registering their product in our country. We also assist our clients in conducting various market researches, policing their IP rights, detecting infringements and enforcement of their rights.