The application of new procedures for assisting in the protection of IPR by the customs authorities was discussed in the online seminar

On August 26 and 27, 2020, in order to raise awareness and develop professional competencies of Ukrainian customs officers in the sphere of IPR protection at the customs border, an online practical seminar “Intellectual property: the Fight Against Counterfeit Goods” was held by the Department of Specialized Training and Cynological Support of the State Customs Service.

The event was opened by Andriy Voitseshchuk, acting director of the Specialized Training Department. He greeted the participants and stressed that the topic of the seminar is relevant and important, such practical events are taking place for the fourth consecutive year and, prior to this year’s quarantine restrictions, were usually held in the Department’s premises: “Despite the situation with COVID-19 pandemics, it is very important to maintain active professional communication, training and discussion of issues related to protection of intellectual property rights (IPR) at the customs border, combating counterfeiting and to continue establishing cooperation between customs and rights holders, “- said A. Voitseshchuk.

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In view of the fact that on June 30, 2020, two orders of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine №281 and №282 of June 09, 2020 on assisting in protection of IPRs by customs authorities came into force, the provisions of these orders became key topics for discussion.

The speakers of the seminar were representatives of the State Customs Service, the Ministry of Finance and the IP and Law Firm “Pakharenko and Partners”.

When discussing an issue of datarequired for entering by right holders upon registration of IP rights in the customs register that would allow the customs authorities to identify goods suspected of infringing IPRs when inspecting goods presented for customs clearance, and not to interfere with movement of original goods, i.e. to identify original goods in order to prevent their unjustified detention, presentations offered by the right holders, whose IPR objects are entered in the customs register, proved to be very useful. Such presentations were made on behalf of 8 right holder companies byAlexander Pakharenko, a Partnerof the IP and Law Firm “Pakharenko and Partners”, lawyer, Ukrainian patent attorney and Olena Bezkorovaina,a lawyer.

The event was held at a high professional and organizational level. The main expectations of the right holders which took part in the seminar were the soonest complete updating of existing software products used in the course of customs control and customs clearance, and involvement of all 16 customs of the State Customs Service of Ukraine in the process of application of measures to assist in protection of IPRs and interaction between customs authorities, right holders and declarants in accordance with the new customs norms to make sure that the accumulated positive experience of Odessa customs is utilizedby all customs of Ukraine.

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